What I wish I knew when I was 25

A bucket of “what if”, “what would”, and “what should”.

3 min readMar 21


Photo by Salinee Chot on Unsplash

Everyone has regrets.

I’m one of those people.

I’m just a person who hope sharing this with you will help you getting through your 20s — or someone else’s.

Life is around the corner. It keeps going forward without asking if we’re ready.

You are not too old to start something

I had (and still have) many curiosities. I’m not the kind of person that sticks to only one hobby for a really long time. Many activities I want to do. But, there are some things I didn’t eventually do in my 25s because I felt I was “too old” for those things.

Now I look back and I would have told my younger self to right away start doing that thing I want to do. Right away.

It’s never been a shame to start something at “older” age. Age is just a number. Age defines nothing. (Well, not nothing nothing, IYKWIM).

There’s no way people have done EVERYthing in this world before reaching 20s. Yeah, maybe there’s 0.0000001% of possibility, but we’re not talking about that.

Like Shia LaBeouf always says, “Just Do It” — this is the Youtube video if you want to hear it yourself now:

You deserve the best

There was a time where I would tell myself to stop at a mediocre level. I would convince myself that being “medium” is enough, and I should be glad. Stop pushing myself because I’m scared to see myself failing.

I cannot see that my thought became the toxic gnawing my soul & mind.

Being in my lowest state in my 20s, far from home, felt alone, struggling in feeding myself, putting myself on a roof had taken a toll on me. I would accept almost anything in a bad shape.

Even imagining myself in a better condition, like taking a first class flight, or achieving A B C…




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