Thank You for the 1,000 Followers 🙌

2 min readApr 28

It was definitely a ride to remember!

You are the reason this happened!! Yes, YOU!

My very first writing was in March 2020. I was on the road and the idea came up very vividly in my mind. I immediately knew I had to put it into writing.

Then my second and third stories came the next year after the first one. It’s about the area where I do my 9–6 work. I gathered a few insightful articles along with my knowledge & experience to stitch them together.

On March 2023 I started to write more and more.

It gave me things that I didn’t know I would get.

I understood more about things in life, about how certain people are the way they are.

Looking back, I’m so grateful for being part of Medium’s community.

For each and every single one of you, you are one of the reasons why I’m still here.

Please take my gratitude and I do hope you could feel the excitement :)

Thanks again! And see you around my friend! ❤️


I'm particularly interested in discussing how technology could make our lives easier 🙌