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Knowledge & Its Power

You don’t know what you don’t know

2 min readApr 21


I can remember from the back of my head that knowledge has a power that gives you more advantages and prevents you from falling through a hole.

There was a book that says this and it left a footprint in my mind.

I never thought the hole is so real that it could devastate us.

Until today.

When we have no knowledge about one or more particular is, we are blind people in the middle of nowhere.

Didn’t know what to do.
Didn’t know where to go.
Nor what can / cannot be done.

It requires an awareness & willingness that acknowledge that we’re in the dark area and ask for help.

It’s the opposite of panicking and randomly shouting to get help.

Learning is also a necessity.

Once you don’t allow yourself to learn new things, you tell yourself to stop growing.

And once you stop growing, you stand in the exact same place.

You keep being the blind person.

And eventually, you die. Dying inside.

Delegate things to the expert.

Hire the best people with their expertise.

Be informed — knowledge is power. (Matt Bevin)

The question is who do you want to be?

A blind person that doesn’t accept the fact that you’re blind and do nothing. Or, a blind person that acknowledges that you’re blind and do the necessary part?

It’s not shameful to realize that we need improvement or help. No one is perfect.




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