Better Now than Later #1: Talk about Debt with Your Future Spouse

Deep down, you know that you know.

3 min readApr 17
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Sensitive topic to bring up, huh?

Nobody wants to get their hands dirty.

It’s easier to talk about the beautiful trip to go on after the wedding.
Or the cute wedding dress you have dreamed of since you were a girl.

Why do we talk about debt if we’re going to be him/her forever?

We have all time in the world to discuss that later.

So why bother discussing this topic “now”?


That’s exactly why you want to bring this topic with your future spouse.

The sooner you do, the better it will be for you.

Transparency and Trust

Let me remind you. You have been with your significant other for a period of time and you feel comfortable around them. So you started to imagine spending the rest of your life with them and seeing your life with their presence.

At some point, you choose or decide to get married (well, if you both decide to declare your marriage) or at least be involved with this person for a longer time.

You want to be with someone who you can trust, who is honest with you, without any secrets whatsoever.

It’s an adulting to understand how he/she has managed their money. Because in the real life, 2 people living together will eventually need to pay more bills — for water, gas, internet, electricity — and discussion about paying bills can’t be helped.

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Calculate your risk

Knowing any possible risk is one thing, but calculating your risks is another thing.

You want to know how deep or how big the debt you and your partner have.




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