You are doing great! What’s next?

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The special day has finally come.

You are so excited to embark on the new journey,
Proud of ourselves after accomplish the degree,
Family & friends gather & celebrate our success.

After that moment, you search countless job posting on your domain study (or maybe in another domain) while creating the prefect resume & cover letter for the hiring manager. Then you send many job application. Phone calls & emails notifications are in your highest priority daily. Or you start to plan a business to become an entrepreneur. Keep your hopes up, believe for something great coming to you, but also be prepared for the back-up plan.

Here’s some of my advice down the road:

Ask people who has been that job path for years

Recognize what the job’s responsibilities can be understood by read the job posting. But, understand the day-to-day task is best learnt from the experts. Asking your senior in university or high school for better reference. You should ask at least 3–4 person to aim for deep grasp of what the job / career looks like.

Imagine what you want to do for the next 5 or 10 years

After filter those job/role you are interested at, start imagine what you want to do for a living. I know it might sound so overwhelmed, but I really mean it. You should keep your mind to try to figure it out, as soon as possible.

Is it the role/task you want to the next 5 or 10 years? Do you feel good about yourself for having it continuously? Do you learn another skill set from it? As first, this may sounds so silly and consume our brain. But believe me, those are for the best.

It’s okay to feel not okay

Admitting that sometimes in life, you are not perfect at particular things would make you to feel good about yourself. Remind ourselves that no man is perfect.

All people starts from basic, as the saying goes “everyone was once a beginner.” Embrace the journey, and it’s important to keep your eyes on the goal.

List your goal

Goals will help you not to wander aimlessly. Occasionally track down what you have achieve, what you want to achieve. That way, we know that we are making a progress. Even a tiny progress is better than no progress at all.

Embrace the journey, and it’s important to keep your eyes on the goal.

After all, the journey will be different for each person. That’s what makes life interesting. We don’t know what will be happen in the future, but we could make prepare for what happens. Offer the world what it needs, that way you can save yourself a seat.

All the best luck for us all, cheers!

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living life to the fullest